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Industry Advocacy and Policy Support:

Engage with Regulators & Policy Makers to ensure we build Brand India as a safe and attractive impact investment destination and consequently encourage private capital to bridge the social investment gap while developing an impact investment asset class

Membership Services:

Create and serve IIC members with Impact Investors at the core and four partner categories-

(i) Family Foundations, Limited Partners (LPs) & Philanthropists;

(ii) Corporations (CSR wings) & Corporate Foundations;

(iii) Social Entrepreneurs & NGOs;

(iv) Consultants, Researchers, Investment Banks & Intermediaries.

Press Relations & Research:

Voice India’s Impact Investment story for all stakeholders, especially Media, through aggregated research, rankings, disclosures and impact audits. Develop definitions and standards for impact assessment and measurement in India.

Attract Capital:

Stimulate domestic and foreign capital flows to India by marketing India Impact Investment opportunities to LPs around the world.

Create Scale:

Help scale social enterprises by creating actionable knowledge, toolkits & frameworks, education & training programs, business plan contests, internships for university students, courseware, awards, etc.

Target Self-Regulation:

Target IIC as a self-regulatory organization (SRO) to enforce ethics, transparency and consumer protection. Implement operating, governance and measurement standards