The IIC team takes immense pleasure in announcing the completion of a successful round of first ever City-wise Member meets conducted in April, 2018. The team traveled to the four major metropolitan cities, meeting our members in their home towns.

The purpose of these meets was to catch up with members either one-on-one or in groups and hear their feedback on IIC’s progress in general, their detailed take on different verticals at IIC – Advocacy, Research and Membership- and seek help and recommendations on Prabhav 2018- IIC’s upcoming flagship conference scheduled for 7th October, 2018 in New Delhi.

IIC expresses its sincere gratitude to its members and guests who so kindly participated in our recent City Meets. We also had a surprise guest, Mr Adam Wolfensohn from Encourage Capital, (who incidentally happened to be present at Trident, Mumbai) join us at the Mumbai meet.

A brief topic-wise synopsis of our 4 city meets follows.


  • Members to help reach out to different Government Departments to pursue the agenda of impact investing.
  • CSR Representation to be re-looked in the light of suggestions from the Members. Mr. Anil Sinha GIIN’s India representative and formerly of the International Finance Corporation and LM Singh to help in pursuing policy dialogue on CSR with Government agencies and Ministries.
  • Discussion with SEBI for definition of Cat 1 AIF Funds.
  • A survey to be conducted by IIC to invite the recommendations of members on issues to be taken up as part of IIC’s Advocacy efforts.


  • IIC will embark on a joint research initiative with Brookings. Discussions on research in partnership with MIX have also begun.
  • All the studies almost always talk about the success stories; we need the pieces where we explore why something did not work and what can be done to address the hurdles.
  • IIC should focus on Research which maps out where financial inclusion and other sectors have reached in the country and at the same time where are the gaps. This data might be useful for IIC Members.
  • It was suggested that IIC gather research comprehensive data once a year which will be more efficient as against collecting multiple times in a year.


  • To make Prabhav’18 a success, we strongly urge our members to share their LP contacts as well as wish-list with the Secretariat for invitation for the LP-GP meeting at Prabhav’18.
  • Members to anchor/participate in one of the five/six parallel tracks (each track pertaining to a particular sector).
  • Members to support Prabhav2018 through sponsorships.

Other Value-Added Suggestions:

  • IIC can list Impact Jobs (published by Members or otherwise) on its website and take advantage of its wider reach throughout the impact ecosystem.
  • IIC can also create a deal pipeline on its website. Social enterprises can list their pitch on the website by payment of a nominal fee; this might act as an additional revenue source for IIC as well. Members might find this helpful in generating deal flow.
  • IIC should have 1:1 meetings with the HNIs, Insurance companies, family offices and organisations beyond impact investment ecosystem to join IIC as members. These meetings can be conducted by IIC and Private Wealth Distributors in collaboration.
  • IIC should aim at reaching enterprises that speak beyond success stories, should reach beyond geographical boundaries which have been difficult to focus on.

We profoundly thank all our members for the extraordinary support during these meets. It was very inspiring for the team to witness such participation, support and kindness.

Please find the details of the city wise meets along with other specifications here .