The Governance Structure and the working at IIC comprises of the following:

Executive Council (EC):

Executive Council (EC) is a 6 member board which is responsible for strategic direction & key policy decisions at IIC. The EC is elected from within the IIC Member Base every two years. The 6 members comprise of the Chairperson and 5 board members. There is presence of 2 Non-Executive Directors on the board too. The Current EC's tenure runs from 2017 to 2019.

Working Groups (WG):

IIC also comprises of working groups formed by it's members. They are also referred to as Sub Committees. These groups work on carrying out the Charter Action Points through the 2 year tenure. The WGs are divided as: Advocacy Sub Committee, Research Sub Committee, Membership Sub Committee, Capital Sub Committee & Finance Sub Committee. The current WGs tenure runs from 2017- 2019.


Secretariat: is a 3 member team for executing the policies and action points from the board and sub committees. It comprises of the Director of IIC, who heads the Impact Investors Council. It has the Head of Partnerships responsible for memberships and core functions at IIC and the Manager- Designs & Communications responsible for internal and external communication and social media presence over & above other essential tasks at the council.

IIC Executive Committee Sub Commitee Election Information 2015
IIC Executive Committee Sub Commitee Election Information 2017
IIC Executive Committee Sub Committee Election Information 2019