Today there are 30+ active impact investors in India that have invested a cumulative $1.6 billion in approximately 300+ enterprises and funds across a range of industries such as financial inclusion, agribusiness, healthcare, education, clean energy etc.The total invested amount positions India as one of the largest impact investment destinations in the world. Per recent estimates, impact investments in all of Latin America only totaled ~ $ 600 million as of 2011.

A majority share of this $1.6 billion impact investment in India has been garnered by seed and early stage enterprises especially in the financial inclusion sector − primarily microfinance institutions (56% of all investments). A study of the evolution of the impact investing sector in India highlights 2008-09 as a key point of inflexion for the sector. Starting 2008-09 impact investors began expanding beyond microfinance to early stage enterprises in emerging sectors such as affordable housing, education and vocational training, technology solutions for development etc. Also, supported by the initial financing from impact investors, microfinance institutions were able to achieve sustainability around the same time and began attracting commercial capital.