The objective of the inaugural edition of IIC Annual Convention will be the LP-GP relationship in the impact investing context. The convention seeks to identify and debate issues that concern impact LPs and GPs so as to bring about a greater mutual understanding of risk-return tradeoffs, fund performance, social impact measurement, and other relevant issues.

We are specifically aiming for the following outcomes:
(a) Showcase successful social business models in India and our track record of impact investing (Impact Investing is India’s next IT/BPO)
(b) Attract greater social impact capital to India (Target $1 billion annually by 2020
(c) Enable transnational pathways for impact investing through consenus on definitions, standards and measurements
(d) Encourage joint investing in LDCs (South-South collaboration)

You can additionally take back:
(a) new connections with GPs and LPs,
(b) new identified sectors and investment opportunities,
(c) new insights on LP-GP issues, e.g., on real returns and risks,
(d) receive new research- IIC will be releasing its research with McKinsey on India’s Impact Investing sector at the event, and
(e) of course, if you are a first-timer, you will get intimately get acquainted in a safe and curated environment with Indian culture, food, music, heritage, etc.

We look forward to hosting you.