Impact Investors Council (IIC) takes immense pleasure in announcing it’s flagship biennial Conference – Prabhav’2018. It will be hosted on the 7th October’18 in New Delhi. With the idea of forging a stronger relationship between LPs and GPs, IIC walks towards a stronger attainment of it’s goal to encourage social equality in India.

Following are the 3 main highlights of Prabhav’18:

1.LP/GP meetes: One on One meeting between Asset Owners and Asset Managers: IIC is organising Limited Partner-General Partner (LP-GP) meetings on 7th October. This will help forge a stronger working relationship and bring a greater shared understanding of risk return trade-offs, fund performance, social impact measurement and other relevant issues.

2.Immersive Grassroots tours to Social Enterprises across 3-4 Cities: IIC will be organising grassroots immersive tours to Social Enterprises across 3-4 cities where Impact Investing has helped improve the lives of Underserved-beneficiaries.

3.Other attractions:

  • 5-6 parallel tracks each one on a different investible sector (like Affordable Health, Affordable Education, Financial Inclusion, Agriculture, Energy and Affordable Housing) to discuss challenges and highlights of each sector corresponding to their respective SDGs.
  • 2-3 Keynote Addresses by Social Enterprise/ Policy Makers and Corporate on how Impact Investing could be the tool to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

IIC is also happy to share that Prabhav’18 (7th October) preceds the Global Steering Group Summit’18 (8th & 9th October), which is also being held in New Delhi.

Prabhav’18 has limited seats and is strictly by Invite. Please contact to receive invites and know more about the conclave. To Sponsor, please contact