Investment Snapshot

2020 in Retrospect

Impact enterprises received ~$2.6BN in investment across 246 equity deals and saw 13 successful exits in the calendar year (CY) 2020


Sector Spotlight

Blended Finance Initiatives in India

Blended finance is a promising tool to channel funding towards development outcomes, improve the sustainability of an intervention, stimulate innovation in high-impact sectors and foster the development of domestic markets, advancing a country's self-reliance.

Ramona El Hamzaoui, Acting Mission Director, USAID/India talks about recent blended finance initiatives in India in this Op-Ed

GP Corner

Dialogue with
Caspian Impact Investment Advisers

Two things in our experience which have never failed an entrepreneur is setting up good governance practices and maintaining transparency from day one of the organisation. This is not something you postpone till you scale; it is the very thing which will help you scale.

S Viswanatha Prasad, Founder and Managing Director, Caspian Impact Investment Advisers shares his journey as one of India’s oldest impact investors in India.

LP Connect

Dialogue with British High Commission

India is a laboratory for inclusive innovations, a test-bed for impact investments globally. We expect continued appetite to partner Indian entrepreneurs who create more affordable, effective, solutions that can be game-changers not only within India, but also across the World.

Gaurav Kapoor, Head- Inclusive Growth and Investments, British High Commission shares the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office’s (FCDO) investment strategy and plans for India and his personal views on creating a more enabling environment for impact investing in India.

Star Enterprise

Ergos -Warehousing at Farm-gate and more!

This impact enterprise enables farmers to convert their grains into tradable digital assets, avail credit against those assets through partner NBFCs and banks, and get better prices for their produce.


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