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(Jan-Mar, 2021)


Sector Spotlight

2x challenge: Walking the talk on Gender Lens Investing in India

We believe that awareness is the first step towards change, and measurement has indeed aided awareness and baselining. While our approach to gender was designed independent of the 2X Challenge, it also found high resonance with its criteria. We are privileged to be CDC Group’s first VC fund investment in South Asia to be qualified for the challenge.

Vidya Chandy, Vice President - Impact, Chiratae Ventures walks us through their journey on integrating gender equity with their impact measurement strategy and driving the 2x challenge.

GP Corner

Dialogue with
Unitus Ventures

For family offices, impact investing is increasingly resonating as a portfolio strategy. I strongly believe that the impact investing community has a role to play in unlocking more domestic capital through demonstrating strong investments and exits.

Srikrishna Ramamoorthy, (Partner, Unitus Ventures) gives us a glimpse of his impact investing experience in India.

LP Connect

Dialogue with

We believe India has done well in the impact investment space due to early presence and experiences from the microfinance sector and other social enterprises. Nonetheless, challenges remain in terms of scalability, regulatory framework, access to capital, etc. and in our view these challenges apply across the Asian continent.

Kunal Makkar, (Director - India, DEG) shares their two decade long impact investing experience in India, their impact measurement framework, focus on gender lens investing and more.

Star Enterprise

Neurosynaptic Communications

Democratizing affordable, quality, and remote healthcare delivery

Neurosynaptic Communications through their telemedicine and managed healthcare services is democratizing quality and affordable delivery in difficult and resource constrained areas in India.


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